We are a media & Design team

based in Kalamazoo, MI.

est. 2003

Your brand has unique culture, leaders, and clients

We produce curated media & design to

take your brand to the next level 

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Authentic Storytelling


Drone Video

Audio Production

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Headshots & Portraits

Architecture Photos

Product Photos


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Branding & Art Direction

Website Design

Graphic Design

Social Media Management

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Motion Graphics

Kinetic Typography

2D & 3D modeling

This is what we do


These are just a few clients that we love working with.

Not sure how to strategically place media?

Our creative team will work with you to brainstorm the most effective methods to reach your target markets.



Dan Martin
owner &
project manager
Jordan Avery
Jonny Finch
Josh Stanton
creative director
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536 E Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo, MI
(269) 330-6565

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